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Top 10 Social Networking Sites

Top 10 Social Networking Sites

Well, a virtual connection is what has turned heads up in the recent past. Whether it is about your blogs, businesses or just about flaunting your new pair of shoes or spamming your recent holiday, social networking sites have taken it all over and that it is the new network to connect with your mates. Well, here we are with the most visited and the most popular social networking sites of the year till now.



The first and the most successful networking site that has created the existence of virtual networking and has taken it beyond a level, Facebook remains to be the most popular social platform for promoting your business and sharing your personal pictures. It has got more than 1.5 billion active users and that it has been well successful in connecting people across nations.


Well, the only disadvantage this social site follows is restricting your character count to 140, but believe it or not Twitter has been active across the globe, spread across 340 million active users tweeting various information on deck. It has been quite useful in terms of business growth and development where companies can interact with their customers and popularize their brands.


unlike Facebook, twitter and Instagram Google+ has its own standing value and is highly efficient to popularize your business and various other ventures. With about half a million users it stands tall with its characteristic features.


 This social video platform has its own aura and regulations and has been working quite well not only among the teens and the youth but also adults. It is undertaken by Google and has about a billion active users on monthly strata.


considered to be the most efficient and most popular site among business professional, LinkedIn is spread across 24 dialects and about half a million certified users. People belonging to the same professional backgrounds, industries, and companies can actively get along well here.


Launched in 2010, Instagram is owned by Facebook. Used to share various traveling, food and other event pictures, Instagram is extremely famous among teens and is also used to promote businesses via pictures and stories.


Highly absorbed among Women, Pinterest can find you almost anything from DIY accessories to clothing styles to home furnishing. It has got famous among the recent past and is used to create boards regarding various interests.


considered to be a hard to operate the social site, Tumblr allows you to go social whichever way you want to. From videos to quotes and photos to audios you can put in almost anything and everything to get social here.


 Pronounced ‘Flicker,’ this social platform can be used to put in pictures and videos. It has about 120 million users and can be used to share your daily events and business lessons as well.


 Highly popular among teens, Snapchat is an image messaging app under which pictures of daily events or family visits can be posted for a total span of 24 hours. Well, this social platform was the only one which gained a ton of new users once launched.

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