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How To Reduce Dark Patches On Skin

It’s a tendency of the skin to catch up the effects of the environment which often result in dark spots or patches on the skin. Pimples gradually become scars and remain on the skin for long, which makes your face appear unclear and patchy. Hormonal fluctuations and direct exposure to sun or dust can also develop spots on your skin and hence the best method to deal with them are home remedies. Home remedy is the sole solution to your dull skin which will never aggravate the condition of your skin like some medicines or manufactured products with whose use skin develops more such marks due to their chemical reaction. So here is a small list of home remedies which can help you get back your original spotless and flawless skin. So here are some Crazy Beauty Tips For Skin.

  1. Lemon Juice: lemon works best in skin care routines. Lemon has Vitamin C and has antioxidizing properties as well which can reduce your skin color. Just take squeeze a tablespoon of lemon and dip it in a cotton swab. Apply this on the affected area or the marks and patches for a good amount of five to ten minutes. Then wash off with cold water. Repeat this process at least four to five times a week and you will see considerable changes gradually.
  2. Honey: honey is also meant to be a beauty ingredient and it can help either way to reduce the patches on your skin. Take a tablespoon of honey and mix it with turmeric and rose water or you can even apply it alone. Just apply the paste or honey alone on the affected region for fifteen to twenty minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water then cold water and at last, moisturize well to prevent any dryness. Repeat this process once a day and you can observe gradual changes over time.
  3. Aloe gel: Aloe vera leaf is considered to be a stock of good qualities. It reduces your skin color and enhances the skin glow over time. Scrap a fresh aloe vera leaf and transversally cut it across to extract a good amount of the aloe vera gel. Apply this gel on your skin or the affected area in a circular motion and let it stay on for about 25 to 30 minutes and then wash off with cold water. Gradually it will bleach the affected part of your skin and bring about a certain sparkle to your face.

Though these home remedies work slow but are extremely effective and will bring about a considerable change to your skin over time with regular use. All you need to take care of is regularity and patience and you will see a new glow on your face and will these home remedies will let off all the dark skin patches and marks on your skin. An important care to be taken is that every material you use should be fresh and never use old homemade pastes or packs. Most importantly remain HAPPY!!

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